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Which class is best for your student?

Click their age below to get started!

Ages 1-4: The Learning Groove Music Class

First exposure to music plus preschool readiness skills:
Image by Alexander Grey

Step 1

If your child is between the ages of 1 and 4 and are new to music class, this is the place to start!


The Learning Groove combines music & movement to teach a variety of skills your child needs to progress into future music classes and even preschool! This class will give your little one a solid foundation in how to keep rhythm and how to distinguish tones to prepare them for our next level of classes!

Ages 4-7: Kidzrock - Rock Band Style Music Class

Introduction to playing a variety of instruments & singing + teamwork skills!
Kidzrock Class

Step 2

If your child is between the ages of 4-7, they may be ready to move on to Kidzrock! Kidzrock teaches ages 4-7 how to play an instrument in a real performing rock band! Children take turns learning how to play guitar, drums, keyboard, and singing! 

Each band works together as a team as they rehearse to record music videos and perform in seasonal concerts. All the instruments are modified for little hands and we also use a color-coded note reading system so they can start playing Day 1! No frustration tears happening here

Your child will see that learning music is fun! 

Your child will progress through the different levels of Kidzrock as they get older and each level gets a little more difficult. 
Ages 8 to adult: The Guitar Collective or Private Lessons

Time to pick a favorite instrument!

Step 3

Once your child has gone through Kidzrock, they have a good idea of what instrument they like the most! When your child is 8, they get to start honing their skills on their preferred instrument in private instruction or the Guitar Collective. 
Instruments that they can choose from:  
  • Guitar 
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Voice 
The Guitar Collective: Ages 8 to Adult

Unique & Flexible Guitar Lessons plus collaboration

The Guitar Collective

The Guitar Collective is our most affordable and flexible way for your student to learn guitar. We start all students on classical because it creates an AMAZING foundation for learning all other genres. Once they get the basics, they can move on to a different style of guitar and even branch off into music production if they want!

This is a unique class format which is a private instruction style but with a group atmosphere. Allowing for each student to work independently, but also work together if they choose!
Private Lessons: Ages 8 to Adult

One-on-one instruction at your pace. 

Private Lessons

If your child is interested in one of our other instruments, they can sign up for a private lesson! This is one-on-one instruction that allows them to learn at their own pace to develop their skills. 

  • Voice

  • Ukulele

  • Bass

  • Drums

Music Band or Worship Band for Guitar Collective & Private Students

Specialty Classes

Coming Fall 2024

Did your student want more collaboration and experience? Once a month, students of the Guitar Collective & Private Students may choose to join in a band of other students of similar age/level to become their own band! We plan on having two options, regular rock band or Christian worship band. These bands will perform in our December & June recitals. The students in the worship band may even join us for a night of worship!

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