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I put a very high value on family. I have a beautiful wife, a daughter who is 4, and a baby boy who is 2 I hope to one day teach my own children how to play guitar as well as teach them guitar building so that I can pass this business down to them. Everything that I do is with family in mind, and not just mine but also yours. 


Thank you for visiting! My name is Joshua Superneau. I am the owner of Grace Note Guitars. I was born and raised in North Adams, MA and have a heart for the Berkshires. 

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Guitar was my primary instrument and voice was my secondary instrument. 

I started this business because when I was trying to learn music on my own as a teenager, I reached a certain point where I could no longer progress. I hit a learning wall. My  parents didn't have enough money for lessons at the time. So when I went to college for music, I was able to learn how to read music, and the intricacies of what music is made up of.  And it's amazing. So I wanted to be able to share this knowledge with others at a more affordable price. 


I started playing guitar 13 years ago. I was self-taught from 2009 to 2014. During that time, I was a worship leader at multiple churches. I have taught group guitar at Ecclesia School of the Arts in Lynchburg, VA.

In 2014, I started studying Music and Worship at Liberty University. I trained under Dr. Sean Beavers for 5 years in classical guitar. I have also been trained in:

  • Musicianship 

  • Music Theory

  • Conducting

  • Guitar Pedagogy

  • Creative worship and,

  • Music formulation

I have experience teaching guitar to people of all ages: from ages 5 all the way up to 70s. 

I also taught multiple students with special needs.  

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