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Group Guitar Ensemble Policies

Attendance Policy: 

If the student is sick or can't make it to one of the classes, that is okay! But there will be no refunds for missing a week. The payment plans are recurring so they come out automatically each week/month unless you pay in full so we don't do any refunds for missed classes. The instructor will send them a recap of the lesson and pages to practice from the book before the next lesson if neccesary.

It is imperative that students be on time for class. This is because all the students will be learning together so it will cause confusion for the late student. This will also help keep the classes running smoothly and make the most of their time. 


There are no makeup classes available right now.


As of right now, we require parents of students ages 12 and under to stay with their children during the lesson. They may sit in the back of the sanctuary or in the room outside of the sanctuary. We like to maintain a level of safety for younger children and we currently don't have enough staff for parents to drop their children off and leave. 


We will be giving out worksheets at the end of each class to help students who need extra help with key concepts discussed in class. If a student isn't fully grasping a concept, these worksheets should help them to gain the information that they need. Practice is very strongly recommended for students and should be set to whatever a student is able to do. If that be 5 minutes a day or 2 hours a day, that is up to the parents and the child to decide. We will give a suggested amount of work but it is not absolutely essential for all of it to be finished by the following class as we will be going over it when we meet again.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy: 

If something happens and you need to cancel the entire session. You may receive a full refund as long as they haven't taken any classes yet and has to be cancelled before the first day of class. If a child takes their first lesson and changes their mind, there will be no refund. If you are paying weekly/monthly, you are locked in for the entire semester. We like to encourage perseverance and commitment within young people. Exceptions may be made in certain emergency circumstances. 

If you need to cancel before the semester ends, there will be an early cancellation fee of 50% of the remainder of the semesters cost. For example, if you have 10 weeks left at $15 a week: you will have to pay $75 to cancel. 

The reason we do this is because 1) it is important that students learn that when you make a commitment you see it through and persevere. 2) Music is an important part of developing a young brain and will help them excel in all other areas of learning because it is one of only a few activities that engages the entire brain. 

Be kind to others:

We are all about encouraging each other, having fun, and creating a safe environment to learn. We want all of our students to be kind to one another and not make fun of anyone. Bullying, name calling, or any other form of put downs will not be tolerated. If there is an instance with a student who is bullying, there will be a few chances to change his/her behavior. If he/she continues to put down his/her classmate (s), his/her plan will be cancelled with no refund and he/she will not be allowed to return to that same session and will not be allowed to return to classes with us until this student is willing to follow our rules against bullying. If the student continues to bully even after his/her second chance, he/she will not be welcome to take classes any longer or even at a future date. His/her plan will be canceled with no refund.

Cell Phone Policy:

Students are not allowed to use their cell phones for entertainment purposes during their lessons. They may use it to make emergency calls if necessary. All cell phones must be put on vibrate during the class time. 

Photo & Video Release:

Parent agrees to allow the teacher to take video or photos of their family and gives permission for these videos or photos to be used for publicity purposes. Names will never be published.  If you don’t want your child photographed, please inform the teacher.  Parents may only take video or photos of their own children.  



If any child or caregiver creates a situation that in the sole discretion of the teacher or the facility creates an unsafe or unprofessional environment, then the teacher or Grace Note Guitars has the unilateral right to revoke the enrollment of the offending party.  Should this extreme situation happen then the offending family will be issued a full refund for the unused portion of your enrollment. 


Liability Waiver:

Participating in a class with other students could result in contracting a sickness or Covid-19. Grace Note Guitars will take necessary precautions by disinfecting equipment after lessons...etc. Because there is always a risk of sickness, he enrolling family understands that they participate in these lessons at their own risk.


Policies & Terms Agreement:

By registering for the guitar collective, the enrolling family agrees to follow all policies and procedures stated above.  Non-compliance with these policies and procedures may result in termination of enrollment.  The teacher has the right to update policies at any time.

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