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The Learning groove class policies

Music Class Policies

Class Information & Terms of Service


Teacher’s Name: Joshua Superneau

Class Name: The Learning Groove 


Class Cancellations:

In rare instances a class that a parent signed up for may be cancelled for the upcoming or current session.  If this occurs that parent will have the option to switch to another class time or receive a refund.


Missed Classes and Make-Ups:

There will be no make-up classes for days that are missed by the student. In the case of the teacher having to cancel a class, there will be a make-up class provided for you.


Cancellations and Refunds:

If a parent or child must cancel enrollment for circumstances outside of their control, they will be refunded a prorated amount for any remaining weeks. Each person’s situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 



For the benefit of all other children, parents must keep sick children at home.  


Medical Emergencies:

In the case of an emergency, the teacher or someone at the facility will call 911. 


Classroom Etiquette:

For the enjoyment of all parents, caregivers and children, we ask that parents and caregivers follow our terms of classroom etiquette:

1) Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate. If parents need to take an emergency call, they should step outside the classroom with their child.

2) If a child becomes upset and is disrupting the class, parents are advised to step outside, comfort their child and return when their child feels better.

3) Talking among parents during class is strongly discouraged so that parents can focus on their child’s development.  (Talking & and building community is highly encouraged before or after class.)

4) Please arrive ten minutes before class begins.


Safety Protocol

1) Parents or attending caregivers should never do anything or have their children do anything that feels unsafe or physically uncomfortable.

2) Parents or attending caregivers must supervise their children at all times or designate a trusted adult to supervise their children in their absence.

3) Parents or attending caregivers are not to leave their child unattended with their teacher for any reason.


Sibling & Guest Policy:

Younger siblings, under 8 months old, can come to class for free.  Older siblings or friends are not allowed to attend class unless approved by the teacher.


Food & Drink:

To maintain cleanliness, food is prohibited in the classroom.  It is recommended that parents feed their children before or after classes, though they may step outside if their child needs food during class.  Drinks in sippy cups are OK in class.


Personal Belongings:

Neither your teacher nor the facility hosting classes are responsible for any personal belongings.



In the event of inclement weather, parents will be contacted with pertinent information via email, the teacher’s website or phone recording.


Change of Information:

To protect the welfare and safety of all children, parents must notify their  teacher or business in writing of any change in address, telephone number, medical information, caregiver information or emergency contact information.


Photo & Video Release:

Parent agrees to allow the teacher to take video or photos of their family and gives permission for these videos or photos to be used for publicity purposes. Names will never be published.  If you don’t want your child photographed, please inform the teacher.  Parents may only take video or photos of their own children.  



If any child or caregiver creates a situation that in the sole discretion of the teacher or the facility creates an unsafe or unprofessional environment, then the teacher or Grace Note Guitars has the unilateral right to revoke the enrollment of the offending party.  Should this extreme situation happen then the offending family will be issued a full refund for the unused portion of your enrollment. 


Liability Waiver:

The parent/legal guardian understands that participating in physical activities during music classes, even with proper supervision, may result in serious injury, illness, or even death.  The parent/legal guardian hereby relinquishes the teacher of this class, all parties working with him/her, the facility hosting classes, the songwriters and producers, the makers and owners of all equipment and props used herein, and all other participants in these activities, of any liability whatsoever relating to their participation in these activities, and agrees to inform their instructors of any and all factors which may affect their child’s ability to participate in these activities, including but not limited to, disabilities, illnesses, or injuries. The enrolling family understands that they participate in these activities at their own risk.


Policies & Terms Agreement:

By registering for this music class, the enrolling family agrees to follow all policies and procedures stated above.  Non-compliance with these policies and procedures may result in termination of enrollment.  The teacher has the right to update policies at any time.

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