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Meet Our Team

Guitar Instructor playing guitar outside in nature
Music teacher smiling and practicing a piece for his students

Joshua Superneau

Owner/Primary instructor

Meet Joshua Superneau: As the owner and primary instructor, Joshua brings his passion for music and wealth of experience to every lesson. From guitar instruction to leading our KidzRock: Rock Band program for ages 4-7, Joshua's expertise is unmatched. He is also the creative force behind our specialty music classes, designing unique and enriching learning experiences for our students.

Joshua holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music & Worship from Liberty University, specializing in classical guitar as his primary instrument and voice as his secondary. With 15 years of guitar-playing under his belt, he embarked on a self-taught journey for the initial five years, honing his skills on the acoustic guitar while crafting his own compositions. Joshua's exceptional singing voice adds another dimension to his musical expertise. 

Driven by his love for the guitar, Joshua decided to further refine his abilities by pursuing higher education. It was during his time at college that he discovered the intricate world of music theory, which opened his eyes to the profound complexity and beauty of creating music.

Beyond his role at Grace Note Guitars, Joshua serves as the worship leader of Cheshire Baptist Church. With 12 years of experience leading worship at various churches across Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia, he possesses a deep understanding of developing and guiding worship teams and bands. His expertise extends to audio engineering, lighting design for performances, and proficiency in tools such as Ableton Live and ProPresenter for crafting immersive live worship sets.


Joshua Superneau's comprehensive musical knowledge, technical skills, and devotion to worship make him an exceptional teacher and leader.

A beautiful family who is posing for an easter photo. Getting ready for fun music classes.

Christy Superneau

Co-owner/Customer service/Marketing

Meet Christy Superneau, an integral part of the Grace Note Guitars family. As the Co-Owner and Content Manager, she brings her expertise to managing our website, social media platforms, and ensuring excellent customer relations.

In addition to her role behind the scenes, Christy is a valued teacher at The Learning Groove. With a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Child Development, accompanied by a minor in Psychology, she possesses a deep understanding of how families grow and thrive. Christy's two passions in life include teaching families how to become strong and loving units and exploring the realms of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Music holds a special place in Christy's heart, and she expresses her love for it through her captivating singing voice. You can also find her lending her talents as a singer on the worship team at Cheshire Baptist Church. Beyond music, Christy devotes her time as a preschool Sunday school teacher, nurturing young minds with care and dedication.

With her multifaceted skill set and passion for fostering strong families and vibrant communities, Christy Superneau is an exceptional asset to our music school.

Katie Superneau is a passionate educator who is thrilled to embark on a new journey with Grace Note Guitars & The Learning Groove. She has had a strong desire to work with children since a young age, which led her to pursue her education at Berkshire Community College, where she earned certificates in Early Education and Care, as well as Growth and Development for ages 0-8. She holds an EEC Lead Teacher certification and has 15 years of experience in preschool teaching, focusing on children aged 2-5.

Katie's dedication to her craft is evident in her additional qualifications. She is IMIL (I'm Moving, I'm Learning) certified, demonstrating her commitment to promoting movement and physical activity in children's learning. In addition, she has taken classes to become a foster parent, showing her desire to help children in need. Last year, she adopted a child who was previously in DCF custody, highlighting her compassion and willingness to provide a loving home.

With her extensive experience and qualifications, Katie is eager to contribute her skills and expertise to Grace Note Guitars. She is excited to work with the little ones and their families, and she looks forward to meeting you soon!

Parent and child class with our movement and music teacher on the left all having fun.

Katie Superneau

Instructor of The Learning Groove


Kayla Smith

Instructor of The Learning Groove

With a love for the arts and early childhood education, Kayla joined the Learning Grove team to combine these passions together. Growing up Kayla was always part of the school band and involved with music and art. At Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, she got her Bachelor's in Fine and Preforming Arts, taking a variety of fine art classes and music classes. 

In 2020, she started working in childcare and shortly after completed an associates in Early Childhood Education at Berkshire Community College. Kayla is a certified Infant/Toddler and Preschool Teacher. She currently works in a public school as a Preschool Classroom Para. 

Inspired by her own two young children, Kayla focuses on play-based learning opportunities enriched by the arts. Come sing and learn with Kayla and her children at the Learning Groove! 

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