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The guitar collective is where music unites and inspires all ages. Explore, collaborate, and grow together, embracing individual paces of learning and experience the pure joy of musical mastery

These guitar lessons are open to ages 10 to adult.


The student will start out learning classical guitar to build a strong foundation in guitar technique, proper practice techniques, and understanding sheet music. Then they can move on to adding in their desired style of music to give them a more well-rounded understanding of guitar. 

What makes these lessons unique?

Depending on the chosen plan, the student receives a number of lessons that they can use for that month from 4 to unlimited. The parent or student can easily book their desired lesson times each week, right through the app, just click book on the time and boom! Done! You don't have to stick to the same time each week so your lessons work around your changing schedule! 

Benefits of being a member of The Guitar Collective: 

  • Exclusive access to free specialty classes each week such as Music Theory & Audio Recording

  • Option to attend more than 1 hour of lessons each week

  • Flexible lesson times- you book your times each week right through our app!

  • Collaborate with other guitarists and learn from one another

  • Work at your own pace with the help of the instructor when needed

  • Fun family events throughout the year

  • Opportunity to play in the recitals

Will the student need to bring their own instrument?

Yes! The student will need a classical guitar. Send us a message and we can show you some quality & affordable options!


Fall 2023-2024 Class Times Available to Book:


2:20-3:20 pm

3:00-4:00 pm

3:40-4:40 pm

5:00-6:00 pm

5:40-6:40 pm


1:20-2:20 pm

2:00-3:00 pm

2:40-3:40 pm

4:00-5:00 pm

4:40-5:40 pm 

Register for a Free Trial of The Guitar Collective Lessons

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Coming as early as Fall 2024

Join a worship band or regular band

All private students & guitar collective will get the opportunity to join a once or twice a month worship band or regular band to gain confidence and develop the skill of playing in a group. These bands will perform at the December & June recitals. 

Best Value

Basic Membership



Every month

Perfect for people who are just getting started with lessons

Valid until canceled

4 classes per month

2 Free Extra Classes ($50 value)

Access to blogs

Best Value

Gold Membership



Every month

Prefect for people who want to get a little more each month

Valid until canceled

8 Classes per month

4 Free Extra Classes on Saturdays ($100 value)

Access to blogs

1 free piece of sheet music from Grace Note Guitars site

1 Free Shirt

5% off coupon for The Learning Groove (Transferable)

Best Value

Diamond Membership



Every month

Perfect for the music lover who really wants to develop their skills

Valid until canceled

Unlimited Classes each month

Unlimited extra classes on Saturday ($200)

Access to blogs

Free sheet music for the subscription’s life

1 Free T-shirt with Students name

1 Free Tumbler Cup with Students name

15% off Coupon for The Learning Groove (Transferable)

Guitar Plan
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