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Private Lessons

Pick your favorite instrument and get one-on-one instruction.

Just getting started and not sure which instrument you like the best? Ask us for a trial lesson to figure out which instrument is right for you. 

Current Private Lesson Offerings:


Fill out the form below for more information on private lessons & to sign up for a free trial!

Coming as early as Fall 2024

Join a worship band or regular band

All private students & guitar collective will get the opportunity to join a once or twice a month worship band or regular band to gain confidence and develop the skill of playing in a group. These bands will perform at the December & June recitals. 

Private Lesson Inquiry Form

Fill out this form for more information on private lessons & to ask about a free trial.

Which instrument is the student interested in? If the student isn't sure, check the top few instruments plus "not sure yet'.
Which day(s) of the week work best for your family? (Choose best 2 days if possible)
What time of day works best for your lesson? Choose top 2.
Best way to contact you?
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