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Are you ready for your child to fall in love with music, make friends, and feel like a rock star!?

You may think that your child is too young for music lessons, but they aren't too young for Kidzrock! Kidzrock is a nationally acclaimed music program that teaches ages 4-7 how to play an instrument in a real rock band. 


Imagine how your child will feel playing in a rock band, on stage to a cheering crowd. Imagine how you as a parent will feel in this moment. Your child will learn the basics of guitar, drums and piano and did I mention there’s no at home practice!

About Kidzrock: This is an exciting music program that teaches children how to play drums, guitar, and keyboards, while preparing them to perform in a real rock concert! The program's fun rock band format is designed to help kids develop a passion for music and build confidence in their abilities. By making instrument-playing enjoyable and accessible, children are more likely to want to continue learning an instrument as the get older. Join Kidzrock today and watch your child's love for music grow!

Current Classes: 

Ages 4-5

The Red Lions: Mondays at 4 pm

The Blue Dogs: Saturdays at 10 am

Ages 6-7

The Purple Jaguars: Mondays at 5 pm 

The Orange Cats: Saturdays at 11 am

Cost: $35 a week (about $140 a month)

Class Length: 45 minutes 

Kidzrock has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If your child doesn't like Kidzrock and wants to stop within their first 30 days, you may request your money back!

Rock Concert/Music Video: About every 10 weeks, we will either put on a rock concert for the parents or make a rockin' music video! There will be free autographed posters for your child to take home so they will feel like true famous rock stars!

Legacy Bands: You may see some classes already with a band name. These are our legacy bands. Bands that have already been named and established! If there are open spots, your child can be apart of this band's legacy! 

Ages/Levels: Our classes are also separated by age group. Some classes are for 4 and 5, and the others are for 6-7. The reason for this is so that both age groups may learn at the pace that is best for them and we don't have any bored or rushed children. In Fall 2024, we will be introducing Kidzrock levels. Your child will progress through 4 levels of Kidzrock which get progressively more challenging to keep them learning & interested!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is 4, should I do Kidzrock or start in The Learning Groove first? 

If your child is very energetic and has a hard time sitting still and listening, and they have no experience in music class, we suggest doing at least one session of The Learning Groove first. This helps the child learn how to keep rhythm and practice following directions while also allowing them to get their energy out. 

Your child must also be able to recognize the letters A-G. For example, if you show them the letter D, do they know it's the letter D?

If your 4 year old is a decently good listener and knows their letters A-G, then they may be ready for Kidzrock. We can always do a trial lesson to see if it's a good fit! Click the button below to request a trial lesson. 

2. Does my child need an instrument?

 No! You do not need to buy an instrument for KidzRock. We provide all the instruments to be used during class and since there is no at home practice, you don't need your own instrument. 


3. Do they have to practice at home?


No! There is no at-home practice for this age group. We want to keep music fun at this age so that they grow that love for music. As they graduate out of Kidzrock and into their instrument of choice, then they will add in some at home practice. 


Kidzrock Band T-Shirts

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