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Want to ignite a lifelong passion for music while having a blast? Discover the ultimate fun-filled rock band music class for ages 7-11, where your kids learn how to play bass, guitar, drums, and keyboard!​

Jr. Rockers is a nationally acclaimed program 

 that brings instant success and enjoyment to your child's musical education. Jr. Rockerz offers an exciting approach to learning instruments, immersing your child in a lively rock band environment with guitars, drums, keyboards, and vocals.

Through collaborative music-making, we foster teamwork and motivation, especially tailored for beginners, making Jr. Rockerz the ideal starting point for young explorers of instruments.

From day one, your child will be part of the band, and in just a few months, they'll proudly perform on stage with their bandmates.

Plus, our program empowers kids to create their own song lyrics for the music they play, adding a sense of pride and ownership to their musical journey!

About Jr. Rockerz:  This is an exciting music program that teaches children ages 7-11, how to play drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards, while preparing them to perform in a real rock concert! The program's fun rock band format is designed to help kids develop a passion for music and build confidence in their abilities. By making instrument-playing enjoyable and accessible, children are more likely to want to continue into private lessons in the future.

Similar to other activities such as dance and sports, it's not wise to just dive straight into private lessons. Instead, we believe in the power of group learning as an initial step. This approach allows your child to witness immediate progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment right from day one. It's this early sense of achievement that fuels their motivation to stick with music lessons and eventually switch to private lessons when they are ready.


Join Jr. Rockerz today and watch your child's love for music and self-confidence grow!

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