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Our Team.

Meet our team below. We are dedicated to bringing each and every person the best experiences in music and learning that we possibly can. We are dedicated to perfecting our craft so that you can perfect yours! 

Music Class
My name is Joshua Superneau. I am the owner of Grace Note Guitars. I was born in North Adams, MA and started playing the guitar at 14 years old. I found out quickly that I wanted to continue to grow in my understanding of music but it was a huge struggle. My family didn’t have tones of money to send me to lessons and I hit a wall my senior year of highschool. So, I ended up attending Liberty University and taking Music and Worship. I finished my bachelors degree and come back to Massachusetts to help people in this area, have the opportunities that I didn’t have. My life has always revolved around music and it is a passion of mine to spread that with other people. Music is so much more than sounds and chords strung together in order to make an end product. It’s a journey. It’s a story. My hope is that I can help more people find their voice through music. That I can help more people write and tell their own story through music. Everyone deserves to have a voice and everyone deserves to find joy in something that they love!

Joshua Superneau

Owner/Guitar Instructor


My Name is Renee Wlodyka and I am so excited to join Grace Note Guitars as their resident violin teacher. I was born and raised right here in Berkshire County. I have sixteen years of experience as an educator and I look forward to applying that experience and knowledge to teaching violin. I discovered my love for playing violin as an adult and never looked back. I began by playing by with my family and more recently I play violin with the Cheshire Baptist Church worship team. 

Renee Wlodyka

Violin Instructor

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