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There are so many things that we fear when it comes to our music ministry:

"Has the music ministry hit its ceiling?"
"Will the ministry be able to grow any larger?"
"Will we ever be able to reach and engage the congregation?"
"Does my team even know what worship means?"

We TOTALLY understand how hard this is! Especially when most of us have worship teams made up of all volunteers. That's why we want to help! 

At Grace Note Guitars, our goal is to help your ministry flourish and reach the younger, and older generation within the same breadth. We are dedicated to helping grow your teams and make them the best they can be for God’s glory. We want to make sure that your team reaches the younger generation and the older as well and be Biblically and doctrinally sound in everything that they believe.

If you are in a place where you HAVE to have your hand in the worship team and are overwhelmed with taking on these responsibilities alongside your own then we will help you to cast your anxieties and stresses aside. We will train your worshipers to be worship LEADERS and lead like a true leader. 

Are you ready to take your worship team to the next level? 

Get ready to bring excellence to your music ministry and bring glory to God! Join other churches in this journey to bring God our best worship!

Not sure if this is a right fit for your church?


Here are some things we can help you with: 

  • Remove distractions from the worship service

  • give tools to each person to better their abilities

  • help each team member reach their full potential musically 

  • show the importance of song selection in the worship service

  • Cultivate each persons doctrine of worship

  • From that doctrine of worship grow

  • Create an atmosphere of worship. 

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